About Us

The Herbal Place is your one stop, online shop, for all things herbal. We carry the world's finest quality CBD, CBD buds, Kratom and more to help support your alternative lifestyle. Our glass is top quality borosilicate glass, meaning it's sturdier than regular glass and can withstand high temperatures, and everything is brought to you from our warehouse located in New York.

We were once casual smokers and would purchase regularly at our local smoke shops. We finally got fed up with paying too much and just plain tired of the limited inventory. We went online to find good deals on glass, CBD and Kratom, and were only disappointed. The problem was that while these online smoke shops seemed to offer great deals on products, none of them were in the USA. After shipping, the costs of the products were higher than our local smoke shops. To top it off, we would have to wait 15 to 30 business days to receive our items. This is why we created www.theherbalplace.com. We wanted to offer great products at better prices, and to deliver them in a speedy time frame.