HOW TO: Cleaning Your Water Pipe Safely

22nd May 2019

HOW TO: Cleaning Your Water Pipe Safely

You wouldn’t drink from a dirty glass or eat from a dirty plate. So, no one, and I mean no one, wants to smoke from a dirty pipe.

How often you should clean your water pipe is down to personal choice, and of course, how often you smoke.

Some people clean it weekly, and some daily, but if you’re a heavy smoker, you should probably consider cleaning it every one to two days or at minimum keeping your water fresh.

Hygiene aside, a clean water pipe is the best way to consume your materials, and if your equipment is full of resin, it can overpower the taste of your products.

Learning how to clean your water pipe is simple, and once you make the original purchases, they will last you for quite a few sessions.

These cleaning supplies won't cost you a lot of money, and you don't need any water pipe specific cleaning products.  Some table salt and rubbing alcohol will clean your piece just as well as name brands like Grunge Off or Formula 420.

Cleaner Smoke

When smoking, it is no surprise that we want the freshest and cleanest smoke possible. If you’re not cleaning your water pipe on a regular basis, your smoke may get mixed in with leftover residue, which contaminate the flavor.

Apart from ruining the flavor, there are a number of serious health issues that can be related to this, including pneumonia, bronchitis, and emphysema, all of which can be more easily avoided with a clean pipe.  

Smoother Inhale

Individuals will spend large sums of money on top class water pipes, all for one reason, a smoother, cleaner inhale. With this is mind, why sabotage your quality of smoke by something as simple as not cleaning your piece regularly?

Individuals often note that the first inhale on a new water pipe is the best, and this is because the piece is clean. You can’t expect a perfect inhale every time if your piece isn't kept clean.

Cleaning your Water Pipe

To get your piece feeling brand new, you’ll need:

1. Cleaning Supplies

  • Salt (table, rock or sea)
  • Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) preferably 90% or above
  • Pipe cleaner (to clean stem and other hard reach areas)
  • Grease proof paper to cover openings
  • Elastic bands to secure

2. Remove Detachable Parts

Remove the detachable parts of your water pipe, including the slide and downstem of your water pipe. Be careful with your slide and downstem as you rinse your piece and these parts with hot water to help clear away any resin from the inside.

3. Add Alcohol and Salt

Add the salt first, and be careful to add enough so that it won’t all dissolve. This is important as the texture of the salt will later on help with scrubbing.

Add in your alcohol, cover all openings with the grease proof paper and secure with your elastic bands.

4. Shake, Repeat and Soak

The shaking process will remove any nasty residue from your device and the more time you spend on this instruction the cleaner your bong should be.

Your arms will more than likely be aching but this part is key. Repeat this process for each different part and if your find bong is really dirty or that there are a few tough stains not budging, consider soaking for an hour.

5. Don't Neglect Details

This is when you need to reach for your pipe cleaners. For difficult to reach areas, soak these in alcohol and use a pipe cleaner to clean those hard to reach areas.

Don’t forget one final rinse through with hot water to help get rid of any lasting residue. Let your piece air dry and enjoy that "new pipe taste" your next smoke session!