Introducing CBD Buds

31st May 2019

Introducing CBD Buds

CBD has recently taken the spotlight in the smoke industry due to its many positive effects, which has led to the lingering question: is smoking or vaping CBD buds a good way to consume this ever beneficial cannabinoid?

The short answer is, yes! People have found great success with CBD buds including tobacco consumption reduction, opioid consumption reduction and so much more.

CBD Plants VS Cannabis Plants

In the past, the terms hemp and cannabis have been interchangeably used, and until fairly recently, both were considered drugs.

CBD (hemp) plants and cannabis plants are related, but CBD plants vary drastically in their THC content, which legally is below 0.3%. Both plants grow flowering buds, but a CBD plant grows tall and narrow in comparison to cannabis plants, which grow shorter and wider. Their leaves are thinner and less densely clustered as well.

Why Smoke/Vape CBD Buds?

Because of it's low resin, CBD (hemp) plants have generally been used industrially in the production of paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, construction, health foods and fuel. It has quickly become one of the fastest growing biomasses, and is the earliest domesticated plant known.

Through careful botany, hemp cultivators have made huge advancements in their growth of CBD rich buds, which have hugely expanded the hemp industry.

What's great about this kind of advancement is that consumers can get CBD directly into the body through inhalation, wich is one of the fastest delivery methods of these cannabinoids. By directly inhaling CBD, these cannabinoids are in direct contact with your lungs and are then transferred into the bloodstream within a 5 to 10 minute timeframe, and the effects can last for hours. This by far is the cheapest and easiest way to experience the benefits of CBD.

Benefits of Smoking/Vaping CBD Buds

By smoking or vaping CBD buds, the consumer's body is getting the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, whereas with other CBD products, whether in the form of edibles, oils, creams or syrups, the consumer may only be getting a small part of this spectrum.

The reason for this lack of a full spectrum is due to the process of extraction. For most CBD products, the CBD is distilled from processing parts of the plant into a pulp, and then distilling the CBD from that pulp into a concentrate.

Not only that, but by directly inhaling the CBD buds, the consumer gets the full flavors and aromas from the plant, which gets lost in other methods of CBD extraction.

King Kush Premium CBD Buds

Here at The Herbal Place, we currently carry King Kush Premium CBD Buds, which have been organically grown and harvested in the USA, and have undergone rigorous multi-panel testing to ensure that these buds contain all the terpenes and cannabinoids desired, without those nasty chemicals and pesticide additives.

          Bleu Genius (order here)

Their iconic strain Bleu Genius (the strain we carry), features a fresh and unique aroma. The sticky, oily buds express an aromatic depth that is uncharacteristic of most CBD-dominant strains, but is truly enchanting none-the-less. Notes of citrus, pine, pepper, basil and floral spice are all underpined by an earthy dankness that compliments the strain's odd arrangement of terpenes.

It's THC levels average at less than 0.03%. This strain is described as best for focus – calming, clear-headed effects while creating a long-lasting feeling of comfort and relaxation. Consumers note it's a good strain for reducing stress and uplifting spirits for a good, productive day!

No matter your method of consumption, each form of CBD, whether it is concentrated CBD or whole-plant based CBD buds, has its own specific benefits. It takes some trial and error to find the best method that works for you and your lifestyle, but once you've found it, you'll find that it's a serious game changer for your lifestyle.